Using Components and Templates

Components are reusable chunks of code that can be composed together. They might be UI pieces or even Logic pieces, but the main thing is they can be put together, nested and rearranged in the Composition panel, and the properties they present to allow themselves to be configured can be set from the Properties panel. The insert menu contains component templates, more than just the component, they are instances of that component set up a particular way. Allowing component publishers more control over the user experience and cold-start.

Composing components

Components that are setup to allow children will have a drop-down arrow next to them in the Composition panel, as well as a collapsible section in which to drop children components. Component can be drug into the hierarchical tree from the insert menu, or added by simple clicking the component in the insert menu (attaching it to the selected parent)

Component properties

Component properties can be set from the properties panel. A Button component for example, might accept children, into which a Text component could be inserted. It might also need a type property set, a dropdown choice between "Submit", "Button" and "Reset", as well as a function passed to its onClick property.

Re-arranging components and setting their properties is all there is to it, the rest is details.