A tooltip is a brief, informative message that appears when a user interacts with an element.


titleAn optional title for the toast.
arrowAn optional arrow element to render alongside the tooltip. This can be used to help visually link the trigger with the Tooltip.Content. Must be rendered inside Tooltip.Content.
defaultOpenThe open state of the dialog when it is initially rendered. Use when you do not need to control its open state.
openThe controlled open state of the tooltip. Must be used in conjunction with onOpenChange.
onOpenChangeEvent handler called when the open state of the tooltip changes.
skipDelayDurationHow much time a user has to enter another trigger without incurring a delay again.
sideThe preferred side of the trigger to render against when open. Will be reversed when collisions occur and avoidCollisions is enabled.
alignThe preferred alignment against the trigger. May change when collisions occur.
delayDurationThe duration from when the mouse enters a tooltip trigger until the tooltip opens.