A set of two-state buttons that can be toggled on or off.


typeDetermines whether a single or multiple items can be pressed at a time.
valueThe controlled value of the pressed item when type is "single". Must be used in conjunction with onValueChange.
defaultValueThe value of the item to show as pressed when initially rendered and type is "single". Use when you do not need to control the state of the items.
onValueChangeEvent handler called when the pressed state of an item changes and type is "single".
disabledWhen true, prevents the user from interacting with the toggle group and all its items.
rovingFocusWhen false, navigating through the items using arrow keys will be disabled.
orientationThe orientation of the component, which determines how focus moves: horizontal for left/right arrows and vertical for up/down arrows.
dirThe reading direction of the toggle group. If omitted, inherits globally from DirectionProvider or assumes LTR (left-to-right) reading mode.
loopWhen true and rovingFocus is true, keyboard navigation will loop from last item to first, and vice versa.