The Slider is used to allow users to make selections from a range of values.


defaultValueThe value of the slider when initially rendered. Use when you do not need to control the state of the slider.
valueThe controlled value of the slider. Must be used in conjunction with onChange.
onChangeThe event handler called when the value changes.
stepThe stepping interval.
disabledWhen true, prevents the user from interacting with the slider.
maxThe maximum value for the range
minThe minimum value for the range.
colorChanges the color based on semantic tokens.
sizeChanges the slider size including the thumb
classNameThe className property can be used to add a CSS class to a component that accepts styling. In Clutch, the className property powers the visual styling panel and the class name itself is auto-generated. Additional class names can be passed to the component by twirling open the className control and passing in strings.