If the component is from the cloud, you can only set the property values. Either statically or dynamically (see Logic Dynamism section).

example of documented properties listedexample of documented properties listed

example of documented properties listed

If you need additional properties, for example, an onClick event or spread you can add these to the Additional Properties section below the Properties.

Additional Properties ExampleAdditional Properties Example

Additional Properties Example

Additional Properties

When you need additional properties that are not part of the components configuration, you can add them in this section. For example, you may be using a Box component from Clutch UI Kit and want to use an event like onClick or onMouseEnter to do something.
You can select the + icon choose add property to add the event property to the component.

Adding an `onClick` and `onMouseEnter` ExampleAdding an `onClick` and `onMouseEnter` Example

Adding an onClick and onMouseEnter Example

If you need to spread some properties on the component you can also add that to the Additional Properties too.

Add spread property

Add spread property

Add spread property

a spread propertya spread property

a spread property

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