Learning and Resources

Apart from our documentation, we invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get up-to-date details on the tool and how-tos and view webinars.

Also, join us on Discord to see what other users have asked or are working on in Clutch.

Recommended learning resources

  • A foundational understanding of HTML/CSS
  • A foundational understanding of React.

If you have code knowledge ranging between basic and advanced (for example, vanilla JS), you can learn ReactJS as you work through Clutch.

To learn more about ReactJS, we recommend their new docs. These new docs cover Functional Programming and Hooks https://beta.reactjs.org/. This development method is the preferred way of working with the Clutch tool.

Additional React learning resources:


Developers with React knowledge

We recommend reviewing and checking out the React Beta docs, as they have the most up-to-date ways of building with react.

We are fans of functional components, and anything built in Clutch outputs functional components. Defining and consuming code components will make you feel right at home. Remember, in React, everything is a component, so consider how to break large components into individual components to help maintain reusability throughout your projects.