Inline Styles


One of the main reasons to use Inline styles is to bind styles per property.
This is to say you don't have to bind a whole style object and return that entire style object, you can simply bind property by property.

Because inline styles are simply objects, they can be used very easily with Clutch's dynamic controls, partially or completely changing styles depending on state changes.
Being able to do this is one of the key features that makes working in Clutch easier than on other platforms.

Note: It does not always have to be called style(s), it's more about the control not the name of the property.
For example, below we have a SamuelLJackson component that we want to expose both the box styling and also the image within the box styling. Here we can style both the image and the box independently from each other.

Both the style and imageStyle are InlineStyles and you can have several of these on a component and have them affect whatever they need to affect.