Clutch Hosting and Custom Domain

Clutch Hosting

When choosing Clutch hosting, you need to select the frame to publish. You will also have the option to use your custom domain name.

Custom Domain

If you decide to use your domain name, you need to create a record with your DNS provider. Once a valid domain name is entered, Clutch will provide the information to make a DNS record.



Clutch Hosting will use the current revision when publishing your project. In an event that you need to publish a previous version you can select the a pervious version from the project options menu and publish from that revision.

Project options and version select buttonProject options and version select button

Project options and version select button

Project options and version optionsProject options and version options

Project options and version options

With Revision 0 selected and in View only mode if a publish were made to the Clutch Hosting destination Revision 0 would become the published version.

Publishing revision 0Publishing revision 0

Publishing revision 0

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