Frame Properties

frame properties

Frame Properties

The frame properties are available when a frame is the selected composition item. Once selected, you have the option to change the following:

Home path

What path should this frame return to when users hit the home button in the frame controls


The x and y coordinate position of the frame within the content.


The pixel width and height of the frame


Allows users to render their frame through a component first, providing any context that components might need to render and function properly.

Project Cover

A boolean value indicates whether to use this frame as the project tile in the dashboard or not. A single frame can is marked as the project cover at any given time, and selecting a new frame will unset any frames previously designated as the project cover.

In library

When a frame is marked as In library, it is saved as a reusable template, keeping its composition and styling intact. These templates created in your project are also accessible through the insert menu.

Frames marked as In library will receive an indicator identifying that the frame is now a template.

Frame with template icon

The template icon appears to the left of the frame name.

Frame with `In library` icon

The In library icon (an open book icon) indicating this frame is in the library

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