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I have my own library, can I import it into Clutch?

If you have a library on NPM, you can use the project manager in your project's main menu.

Search for your NPM project and then install that into your Clutch project.

You can then create custom import export components to get your components in a reusable visual way.

I already have a product online, can I import it to Clutch?

Importing products/ projects into clutch is not a feature that is available yet.

If you find that Clutch is the tool that you want to use, we may be able to help you get your project imported into Clutch. We have teams ready to help with these situations and could get you up and running quickly. Please get in touch with our support team to set up a meeting to discuss how this would work.

Another optional workflow will be rebuilding in Clutch if you want to build and modify your project visually.

How do I add custom libraries, components and modules into Clutch?

To add a custom library, you will need to use the package manager in the main menu inside your project. There you can click on the plus sign and search for the NPM library you are looking for, and install that to your project. Next, create a new component and copy in the definition you need for the component to function correctly.