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Can I publish my site under my own domain name

Yes! When you get to your project and select Publish, choose Clutch Hosting. You should then see an area to add your custom domain name. Once added, correct the DNS info to your domain name service provider.

How much will 'hosting' cost after beta?

We currently do not have the exact numbers yet, as our team is working hard to find the best competitive price that we know will keep our users happy. We want you to know that we would never start charging without giving our users ample time.

Are projects hosted on Clutch SEO friendly?

Yes! We use progressive server-side-generation (PSSG) to ensure blazing-fast speeds and SEO-friendly content delivery.

Do I have to host my projects on Clutch?

No, Clutch projects can be exported to a host of your choice. Even individual components can be exported to be consumed in existing React codebases.

If I am on the Pro Plan, would I also need to pay for Hosting separately?

Yes, but this would not affect any Pro users today. We will only ask Pro Plan users for payment when we start charging for hosting. Before charging for hosting, we will provide ample time for our users and never pull the rug out from under you.

If I am on the Pro Plan, would I also need to pay for Hosting separately?

Can I host on AWS or any other platform?

Yes, you are not locked into hosting on Clutch. Publish your app or components to NPM, then using an IDE of your choice, you can install your NPM package to something like create-react-app and import your components or app component. Then publish to a hosting place of your choice.