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ReactJS, do I need to know it, or can I start without it?

We recommend you know the current React fundamentals, as Clutch creates and uses React code when building components. Also, there are many React libraries listed on NPM that can help with building your project.

Apart from that, your learning curve will be faster.

If you have code knowledge ranging between basic and advanced (for example, vanilla JS), you can start and learn ReactJS as you work through Clutch. If you are willing to learn and know you may break things from time to time, you can begin working in Clutch today!

To learn more about ReactJS, we recommend their new docs. These new docs cover Functional Programming and Hooks. This development method is the preferred way of working with the Clutch tool.

If Clutch goes down, what happens to my projects?

Components published in Clutch will be available to be used as regular React components regardless of any downtime.

Can I build a mobile app in Clutch?

Not directly, but Clutch provides a way to build responsive React web applications.

If you want to create mobile application components, you can add React Native as a dependency. Open the package manager, select add a dependency (+), and search for React Native. Then you can compose your native app components using React Native code. Once completed, you can then export those React Native components to your NPM for use in another tool that supports building mobile apps.

Do you support React Native?

We do not support React Native in our Insert menu/ marketplace. However, you can install React Native from NPM into your project and create your own React Native components.

What Browser do you support and recommend?

Currently, we are only supporting Chrome/ Chromium browsers. Clutch may work on other browsers, but you could experience some issues and glitches until we provide more widespread support.

Do you have code mode?

Yes, you can write your own code in Clutch. You can enter code mode by selecting the code icon in the top right area of the toolbar or by hitting the "C" button.

When will the Clutch beta end?

Current estimated time for the end of beta is before the end of the year 2022