Separators are used to visually separate content in a list or group.


classNameThe className property can be used to add a CSS class to a component that accepts styling. In Clutch, the className property powers the visual styling panel and the class name itself is auto-generated. Additional class names can be passed to the component by twirling open the className control and passing in strings.
styleThe style property accepts a CSS JavaScript object with camelCased properties rather than a CSS string. Using the style attribute as the primary means of styling elements is generally not recommended. The style is most often used in React applications to add dynamically-computed styles at render time. Learn more about the style property here.
refThe ref property allows users to attach React refs to the component. Learn more about refs in React here
asChildChange the component to the HTML tag or custom component of the only child. This will merge the original component props with the props of the supplied element/component and change the underlying DOM node.
orientationThe orientation of the separator.
decorativeWhen true, signifies that it is purely visual, carries no semantic meaning, and ensures it is not present in the accessibility tree.