1. Clutch logo

Clicking this returns you to your dashboard home.

2. Projects

Clicking this returns you to your dashboard home.

3. Search Bar

Search all personal projects, team projects, and any projects that have been shared with you.

4. Feedback and Bugs button

Feel free to use this when something is not working as intended, or if you see a feature that is missing and could improve the tool.

5. Documentation

Need help or wondering how to work inside of Clutch? Click here to see links to our Slack Community, Documentation site, or open a live support chat.

6. Profile icon

Click here to navigate your profile, see your Settings, Projects, or Logout.

7. Settings

The settings may be accessed from the profile icon in the top right

8. Get Started

A collection of projects, resources, starter kits, and courses to get you up and running quickly in Clutch.

9. Recent

A list of projects that you have recently visited.

10. Starred Projects

A collection of projects you have favorited.

11. Shared with me

A list of projects that other users have shared with you.

12. Personal

A list of your personal projects.

13. Teams

A list of all your teams and the projects within them.

14. Project explorer

This displays the content (projects and folders) of the currently selected option.

15. New Project

Get started with a new project, give it a name, and select the team it should be under and you will be on your way.

16. Chat Button

Click here to chat with a member of our support team.