Creating Components

Creating Components

There are two ways to create a component: using an existing composition of components in a frame or by creating a new blank component.

Creating a Component from a Composition

Right-click on a component in the tree and create a new component from its hierarchy.

Give the component a name and click 'Submit'. (Components need to be capitalized or it will give you an error saying so until you capitalize the first letter of the component name.)

Creating a New Blank Component

Create a component from Project Components explorer at the bottom of the Composition panel to the left.

Click the plus sign (+) on the 'Project Components' tab. This will open a module to create a new component.

Give the component a name and click 'Submit'.

You have now created a component.
Components that you create will live in the Project Components component explorer and won't be in the insert menu until you create a template.

To insert and use a component you created from the Project Components tab. Select the parent component that it will live under (should be highlighted blue) in your composition panel. Then select the select (or drag into position) the component you wish to insert from the Project Components tab.