Create a sign-up / sign-in Form with React Router and Supabase

Using React-Router and Supabase we show how to create a sign-up form to capture your user's data and authenticate them.


In this tutorial, we will create a sign-up / login form to authenticate users in your Clutch project using React-Router and Supabase. The tutorial has three parts. First, starting with the UI. Then we will add React-Router to the project to create our routes and navigation. Finally, we will install Supabase into the project and connect to it. Once connected, our users will be able to sign-up for our app.

Before we begin, you will need to:

  • Install React-Router in your project
  • Create a Supabase project
  • Install Supabase-js in your project

I will also cover these steps in the tutorial when they are needed.



Link to the Clutch Project: