Context-aware Toolbar

The context-aware toolbar covers: version history and revision, refresh, moving forward and backward, navigating to other sections, and variant selector.

Toolbar with nothing selected

When you do not have a frame or a component selected, the Toolbar will show the Project Name/ Version history and the Publish Button.

Toolbar with nothing selectedToolbar with nothing selected

Toolbar with nothing selected



To stop selecting a frame or component, you can press the Esc Key or Click anywhere on the blank canvas to show this Toolbar.

Project Name/ Version History dropdown

This dropdown displays your project name. Clicking here will also open up the version history dropdown allowing you to select a past project version.

Project Name/ Version HistoryProject Name/ Version History

Project Name/ Version History

Version and revision history dropdownVersion and revision history dropdown

Version and revision history dropdown

Toolbar with a Frame or Component selected

Toolbar with Frame or Component selectedToolbar with Frame or Component selected

Toolbar with Frame or Component selected

When you have a Frame or Component selected the toolbar will switch to showing you the Frame Tools.

From left to right:

Frame Home

Navigates to the frames home URL

Frame History

Navigates backward or forward through the selected frame URL history

Frame Address URL

Entering a value here will point the frame to that URL value. You can use the URL bar to direct the frame to render specific routes you have set up in your project.


Refreshes the frame

Pop-up frame

Pops your frame out into a new separate window

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