Components are the building blocks and represent the pieces you can snap together to build your project. These might be visual pieces: buttons, cards, widgets, pages, etc., or even bits of logic. Working in Clutch allows you to work with components visually in your canvas and composition pane.

Components in Clutch.

Components and Component Instances

A Component is a block itself. Unlike toy building blocks, using one doesn't consume it. You can use it as many times as needed.

When you use a component, you create an instance of that component. Component instances are the components you see in the composition view and the canvas and on which you set properties on the properties pane.


Components will come from the Marketplace or your project (Composition Components or Code Components) as you create them.


Cloud components are components installed into your project from the Marketplace. You will have some components pre-installed in any new project you create. You can also install more components from the Clutch Cloud.



Composition and Code Components

Any Component you create in your project will have a space automatically created for it in the Component spaces section.

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React Components

Clutch components are built on top of React. To see Reacts definition on components or to learn more about React check out their docs.