Component Documentation

Providing clear and well-thought-out documentation provides users the ability to work faster, reach for external documentation less, and, when needed, reduce the time spent finding external help.

How to Access and Add Documentation

Accessing Documentation

Users can view component documentation by clicking the property menu button on the properties panel.
To view documentation of a property in a component right-click or select the menu option on a property in the properties pane. Located at the top of the modal will be a description of that property and a 'Learn more' Link that should link to the direct area of where that documentation lives.

Clicking on the learn more link will direct a user to where documentation for the property can be found.

Creating Documentation

In the Composition panel, select the component you want to add documentation to, right-click the component, and select 'Edit documentation'. You can add as many properties as you'll need here, or you can add a new property to your component in the Properties panel and have it automatically added to your documentation.

Editing the documentation is where you would add all the properties of your component

When you add a new property to the documentation select the dropdown arrow to expand on its documentation. Here it will have a place to add a description, documentation URL, and any controls it may require.

Now a user can view the documentation of the new property as shown above in the properties pane.