Clutch Creator Interface Overview

The Clutch Creator interface is composed of five unique spaces.

Overview of the Clutch interface.Overview of the Clutch interface.

Overview of the Clutch interface.

1. Application Bar

The Application Bar houses the Toolbar as well as access to several features such as the activity view, publishing, sharing and permissions and more.

2. Toolbar

The Toolbar contains the controls need to work with and navigate the canvas. Everything from creating framesframes - Frames serve as an entry point to render components. They exist in an workspace and are placed onto the canvas at their set size and location. and selecting components, to interacting with Apps and navigating the canvas, can be found here.

3. Composition Panel

The Composition panel houses frames, which in turn contain Components. This panel can be used to control the hierarchy of your application and modify your active selection. It also contains the Workspace switcher.

4. Canvas

The canvas is an infinite space in which to render the frames of the current Workspace.

5. Properties Panel

This context-aware menu is used to set values on properties. It will reflect the actively selected workspace, frame, or component instance and the properties available to set on each type.