Can I build mobile apps

Clutch is an excellent platform for building responsive web apps that can work seamlessly on mobile devices using various techniques like CSS, media queries, and styling libraries.

One of the best things about Clutch is that it allows users to import and use packages from NPM, which means that you can use popular libraries like React-Native to build and design mobile apps. Although, to publish your mobile app on app stores, you may need to take some additional steps, such as exporting your components to NPM so that they can be consumed into native projects using React Native Web or using other technologies like Electron or Cordova to wrap web apps to be published as native apps.

While Clutch is primarily focused on web app development, it is still possible to use it to build hybrid apps that combine web and native functionality. It can be a cost-effective way to build cross-platform apps, but you should consider the app's requirements and user expectations before making a final decision. It is always good to invest in native development to deliver the best possible experience on each platform.

Overall, Clutch is a flexible and powerful platform that can help you create compelling web apps that can work seamlessly across devices. By using additional tools and libraries, you can extend its capabilities and create an outstanding experience for your users on any device.