OLD - Application Bar

The Application Bar provides access to the following features:

1. Return to Dashboard

Navigate back to your project dashboard.

2. Project Name

Indicates which project you are currently in.

3. Project Permissions and Sharing Settings

Control the sharing and permissions settings of the current project.

4. Insert Menu

Access your project and marketplace components for use in the active project.

5. Frame Preset Menu

Create frames from predefined sizes.

6. Selection Tool

Select components and frames while using this tool as opposed to triggering interactions.

7. Interaction Tool

Trigger interactions with components rather than selecting them.

8. Pan Tool

Navigate your canvas in two dimensions by clicking and dragging.

9. Code Mode

Get a view of your projects directory structure and modify its files.

10. Zoom Menu

Jump to preset zoom sizes, or fill/fit content to zoom.

11. Feedback and Bug Reporting

Let the team know about any issues you encounter or features that would make your life easier.

12. Install and Update

Manage your NPM dependencies in the install and update pane, access it here.

13. Activity Pane

Open the activity pane and get a view of all the project actions that have taken place.

14. Help and Support

Access community, docs, chat and more from the help and support drop down

15. Publish Pane

Publish to npm, our own hosting and more. The publish pane is a hub of destinations for your work.

16. Profile

Indicates your logged-in status.

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