Activity Pane

The activity pane is the central view of the actions taking place in a project.

The pane itself can be accessed from the application bar.

This button opens the activity pane.This button opens the activity pane.

This button opens the activity pane.

The activity pane itself features all the actions taken in a project, both synced and pending, laid out in a timeline view. Pending operations are operations done locally that haven't yet been synchronized with the project's online copy. As they resolve they will turn green and move into the proper timeline. Each action card features an 'undo' button as well as a 'rollback' button and a collapsible section to see more details alongside normal details like, who did the action, when and what they did.

The activity paneThe activity pane

The activity pane

Modifying History

Clutch features two ways to undo/redo work done in a project: undo and rollback.


Undo is a cherry-picked undo action, meaning that the single history item upon which this action was taken will be undone but changes that followed will be kept. Let's say you turn text pink, then bold, then change the size to 40px, you could undo the color change but keep the weight and size change that followed.


Rollback will revert the entire project back to an earlier state.


Both systems of undoing work are non-destructive and result in a new action. This action can be undone or rollbacked itself.